Wild Faerie Remedies

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

As a single mother, enduring life with cerebral palsy, i have to work extra hard at staying healthy: both mentally and physically, for myself as well as my daughter. Early on, i was exposed to numerous medical procedures as well as pharmaceuticals. Modern medicine was just not working for me. I didn't appreciate all of the negative and draining side effects. I started this company with like people in mind, hoping to allow and educate about natural products that will provide actual healthy results. We have to work together with mother earth to heal our bodies, using the elements she has given. You are living your best life when your mind and body are both balanced and healthy. I take a holistic approach to healing. When using traditional remedies in plant-based medicine, we can craft a plan to create better health. Herbs are used in conjunction with other therapies to promote health. My products are all organic, and everything is cultivated in my garden. In specified products, I always use certified CBD, as I  want the best quality products for my family and friends.

Natural Healing

My goal is to provide alternative medical care that is naturally safe for everyone; healing one hippie at a time. 

My Promise to You

I care about your overall well being and want to  provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and products needed to be healthy. We can work together and  replace all of your toxic products with something that is completely natural and safe. 

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